What is a Labor Union?

A Labor Union is an organization formed by workers for the purpose of advancing its worker-members interests with respect to wages, hours and working conditions.

What are Craft or Trade Unions?

Crafts, or Trade Unions, are a particular segment of workers, organized together to focus attention to their specific craft. Building and construction workers have established unions including carpet layers/floor coverers, electrical workers, iron workers, laborers, plasterers/lathers, painters, plumbers, roofers and sheet metal workers.

What is the San Diego County Building Trades Council Family Housing Corporation?

The various craft or trade unions have joined together in areas of mutual interest, to find jobs, provide safety on job sites and create an architecturally-pleasing community. This Council of craft unions also provides a service to the community for a better life for all of the people. Labor unions contribute to the betterment of its members and to the betterment of the community through volunteering for community projects.

On what community projects has the Council worked?

The San Diego County Building Trades Council Family Housing Corporation has sponsored, created and operated “Non-Profit/Not-For-Profit” California corporations to provide Housing for “Low to Moderate Income Families”. These corporations are known today as the San Diego County Building Trades Council Family Housing Corporation dba National City Park Apartments.

In addition, the individual crafts and trades volunteer for Rebuilding America, Christmas in July and the Wounded Warrior Program, donating their time and skills to renovate, repair and reconstruct homes so that the residents are able to live in a safe and accessible environment. They also volunteer and raise money for the San Diego Food Bank, the San Diego Blood Bank, the United Way and medical research institutions.

What area transportation is nearby?

The apartment community is located one-half mile east of Interstate 5 which is linked to all freeway access in San Diego County. The San Diego Transit bus stops near the apartment community as will at the National City Transit Bus. The San Diego Trolley has a nearby station at the intersection of Miles of Cars Way and Interstate 5 with connecting bus service from the trolley station.

Education and Shopping Facilities

The apartment community is centrally located within walking distance of schools and shopping facilities. It has an on-site child development center with a leased provider of services for pre-kindergarten children.

Where is the National City Parks Apartments located?

The apartment community is centrally located 7 miles south of downtown San Diego and 10 miles north of the United States/Mexico International Border,
in the City of National City, nestled between F Avenue bordering its eastern boundary and A Avenue on its western boundary (adjacent to Ron Baker’s Chevrolet) with East 21st Street on it northernmost boundary and Mile of Cars Way on its southernmost boundary.