The Building Trades Corp. maintains a staff of fifteen employees, all union members represented by Laborers International Union, Local 89. In addition to the 6 office staff, there are nine employees on the maintenance staff who oversee the grounds and make repairs in the apartment community. Employees at the NCPA are long term employees, many of whom retire with their union pensions at the end of their careers.

In addition, the Building Trades Corporation has hired Murtaza Baxamusa, Ph.D., AICP, as Director of Planning and Development. Dr. Baxamusa will be responsible for guiding the San Diego County Building Trades Council Family Housing Corporation as it makes plans to develop an addition to the National City Park Apartments for Veterans Housing. Dr. Baxamusa will also work on redevelopment funding and affordable housing issues in light of Governor Brown’s proposed budget cuts along with continuing his research and policy work on building a stronger middle class.

NCPA Office Staff